Consumer Expectations for Home Wi-Fi 

The  Year Everything Changed

Consumer expectations have shifted forever

We have interviewed 1.575 consumers to better understand how the pandemic has changed their expectations for their connected home life.

Discover what we found and what opportunities this brings for broadband operators. 

What's in the report?

  • Expectations for the Connected Home are forever changed: the standard offering for homes now needs to support bandwidth-hungry applications, more intensive usage with anywhere up to 20 active devices at once, for 12-15+ hours every day.  ​
  • Enterprisation of the home: 71% of those surveyed expect to continue working from home, post-pandemic. And employers have started subsidizing home Wi-Fi solutions and even broadband subscriptions. 
  • Consumers still want their service provider to take charge: despite a plethora of retail or alternative provider solutions, consumers still strongly prefer their ISP to manage the end-to-end delivery of their connected home and are willing to pay for top tier offers and additional services.

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