RDK based Wi-Fi EasyMesh™: Delivering Interoperability and Speed to Market

Read this whitepaper by Omdia - you will learn:

  • why investing in just more hardware is not always the right answer
  • what are the benefits of a hybrid Cloud-Edge architecture
  • how standards based solutions reduce time to market 
  • why the RDK community has started to work on EasyMesh integration within its own standards

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Our Partners

See what they have to say about EasyMesh

"Wi-Fi Alliance is fortunate to have members like Airties who are helping to drive the development of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™ and enable service providers to deliver smart, efficient Wi-Fi through customers’ and outdoor spaces." Edgar Figueroa, President and CEO, Wi-Fi Alliance®

"The accelerated rate at which technology evolves today means that every new feature or product is under tremendous pressure for a quick and successful market launch. In our complex ecosystems, EasyMesh simplifies much of the interoperability effort and for highly competitive markets such as ours, provides us with a critical advantage in time to market." Bouygues Telecom

"Airties helped solve a genuine need of the RDK community with this software contribution. Operators want the benefits of Wi-Fi EasyMesh, while retaining the ability to provide an operator-grade managed Wi-Fi service, and this code contribution helps make that possible.”  Jason Briggs, President and General Manager, RDK